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Freelance Work: The Changing Face of Employment
Jan 25, 2005
No more working for the same company for fifty years. Freelance work is becoming more and more prominent. On-line you can find work or someone to do a job. Check out

The world sure is changing, and if you look at job employment you will see what I mean. Let's just go back to our grandparent's generation, even though I'm sure if we went back further we would see very different structures of work in the tribal periods of our history. Our grandparents usually found a skill, and then used that one skill to work for their whole career....

Social Security, Iraq and Mushroom Clouds
Jan 19, 2005
Ok, let's see. President Bush paid off the big pharmaceutical companies by making it illegal for Medicare to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs even though this would prove costly to 40 million seniors and disabled Americans. He rewarded big energy companies by undermining the Clean Air Act even though this would endanger millions of Americans who live near certain polluting power plants. And, of course, the biggest boon of all went to Halliburton and other oil and defense industry giants after talk of mushroom clouds and fictitious sales of uranium rallied the nation behind an unnecessary war in Iraq....Continue

Dear Bill Gates, You Clever Fox
Jan 3, 2005
Dear Bill Gates, You did it. You casually left a live grenade at the Grand Charity Gala and walked out of the room to see if anybody, especially Google, will notice.

Once again, you have created an innovation in marketing that is poised to take the world by storm. What I love about it is how you have just tossed it out into the public for all to see, and yet nobody seems to be noticing it.

Flitting from forum to forum, everyone is talking about your new MSN beta search engine, but nobody seems to have discovered the secret marketing bomb you left ticking there.....Continue


To Blog or Not to Blog: Are Blogs Becoming More Popular than Forums, Newsletters and

Nov 15, 2004
This question, in all its many forms, has continued to be one that I am asked most often. As more and more "work at home" sites appear online, it's apparent to me that there are many who would, at the very least, mislead those who are desperate to locate jobs that will allow them to work from home.

There continues to be a large segment who still want to believe that they can earn a significant income from home doing typing, word processing, or other clerical jobs from home. Why wouldn't they believe this? Thousands of sites proclaiming that they have hundreds of these types of positions available for the taking (for a fee, of course) appear all over the internet.
.... Continue
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